ContePass(TM) - First Class Content Membership Solution

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If you love technology and gadgets then what you're about to see will rock your world!

The simple fact is you will need specific tools and resources to win the Internet Marketing game and ContePass™ is the BEST tool you can use for managing a content membership site.

ContePass(TM) - First Class Content Membership Solution

From the eDesk of John Delavera
(more about John here)

Hi there!

ContePass™ is a TOOL that finally levels the playing field - It will allow you to compete with the Gurus and their armies of designers and coders. 

It's the result of my 11-year research in Internet Marketing...  With this tool you will have the power to POINT and CLICK your way to website creation. It will enable you to create a vast universe of unlimited sites – you simply point and click and create one site after another.

Armed With ContePass You'll Save Time Which Will Enable
You To Devote More Time To Your Products And Customers...

PRODUCTS are your MONEY TREES! You need more and more and more of them! Now you will have time to nurture them because your site development time will be slashed to just minutes.

Using ContePass™ IGNITES more explosions in your Universe and allows you to create new sites with ease - Multiplying your successes like a rapid fire machine gun...

While others are still wondering how to create pages, upload products, add videos and audios etc. YOU will be 100 miles in front of them!

This HIGH-TECH tool will put you light-years ahead of the game!

See For Yourself. . . 

Rather than go step-by-step through the 'technical wizardry' behind this amazing new software it will be much faster to show you a series of videos that reveal how ContePass™ works and how you'll soon be able to use it for yourself...

An Overview Part I

An Overview Part II

An Overview Part III

How to Setup A Squeeze Page In 8 Minutes

How to start selling an ebook in 5 minutes

How To Create a membership site in 3 minutes


Got an idea?

That's just a portion of ContePass' functionalities!


ContePass is FANTASTIC!!!

I've actually spent more time uploading the files for my membership site than it took to build the sites pages! What a great program and so easy to use Just click and point, even changing templates is that easy. Can't wait for the new enhancements that I know are coming!!

Deen Adolphe

What about these too:

  • You can create bulletin board and syndicate the content - and even deliver an RSS feed for each bulletin board

  • You can create polls and syndicate the content

  • You can secure your downloads and even make them expire

  • You can add video and audio files with just some clicks

  • You can create templates and then just select a template to pre-load a page; then just add your content

  • You can protect directories, or even SINGLE PAGES!

  • You can add a "Comments" section to any page

  • And much much more!

NO FTP is needed
NO HTML knowledge is needed

And still you can create sites one after another like Speedy Gonzales. :)

ContePass™ is a script and here are its specifications:

Perl 5.6 or later
* mod_rewrite
* Crypt::SSLeay
MySQL 4.0 or later
DBI module

If you are not sure about some of the requirements above, please pass the list to your host tech support and ask them to confirm before ordering ContePass™.

ContePass™ is also ™ Compatible, so if you own DELAVO™ you can deliver your ContePass™ memberships with 1 click and DELAVO™ will take care of the users' management by delivering usernames and passwords.

No ™? No problem!

Just create 1 code for each membership you sell and once your customers pay then deliver that code!

Can you just click and type?

Then you can create your sites with ContePass™ easy and the CLEVER way!

Start Creating Your Sites Today!

Become a member today!

You can order ContePass™ today for $997.00 $497.00 and install it unlimited times on 1 server.

With that price you get:

  • 1 license for 1 server

  • Full unlimited access to our support forum

  • No-time limited updates

The price of $497 is AN INTRODUCTORY PRICE and it may change without any notification.

Order With Confidence,
Because You Also Receive

We're confident that when you try ContePass™, you will never ever want to part with it. And we also know that making an investment in your business can be a scary thing. That's why we back your order with our UNCONDITIONAL 30 DAY 100% Money-Back Guarantee. If for ANY reason you decide ContePass™ is not for you, just let us know, and we will cheerfully refund your money within 48 hours.


ContePass™ and DELAVO™ are TRADEMARKS
 of The Internet Company - All Rights Reserved.

ContePass(TM) - First Class Content Membership Solution

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